Head and Neck MRI

Vienna (AT), 13-17 February 2017

General Information



Bernhard-Gottlieb University Clinic of Dentistry
Sensengasse 2a
A-1090 Vienna

Registration is accepted after full payment of the fee!
Registration till 30 September 2016:
Certified radiologists: …………………….. 750 €
Residents (with certification) ………………550 €
Registration after 30 September 2016:
Certified radiologists: …………………….. 850 €
Residents (with certification) ………………650 €
Deadline for registration: January 8th 2017

Bank Austria Unicredit
Account number: 504-571818/00
Name: Holzknechtverein
Address: Alserstr. 4, 1090 Vienna
Payment for: EMRI Erasmus Course 2017
IBAN: AT 261200050457181800
Bank Code: 12000
Limited participation!

Remember that the Course has a limited number of participants (90)
Fee include syllabus, coffee-breaks, lunches, reception and social dinner.

Ines Fischer
E-Mail: erasmus-course-vienna@meduniwien.ac.at
Fax: ++43 1 40400 48980

Accredited for the Austrian Board of Physicians (36 Diplomfortbildungspunkte)


G. Bodner (Vienna, AT)
A. Borges (Lisboa, P)
J. W. Casselman (Brugge, BE)
Ch. Czerny (Vienna, AT)
B. de Foer (Antwerp, NL)
D. Farina (Brescia, I)
T. Ferreira (Leiden, NL)
N. Freling (Amsterdam, NL)
J. Frühwald-Pallamar (Vienna, A)
A. Gahleitner (Vienna, AT)
S. Golding, Oxford, Uk)
H. Imhof (Vienna, AT)
M. Lemort (Brussels, BE)
M. Mack (Munich, DE)
R. Maroldi (Brescia, IT)
I. Nöbauer-Huhmann (Vienna, AT)
B. Ozgen (Ankara, TR)
G. Riegler(Vienna, AT)
S. Robinson (Vienna, AT)
B. Schuknecht (Zurich, CH)
A. Trojanowska (Lublin, PL)


Monday, February 13, 2017
08:00‐09.00 Registration
09:00‐09:15 Welcome/Introduction Chr. Czerny, D. Prayer, Chr. Herold (Vienna, AT)
09:15‐09:45 Cranial nerves anatomy A. Borges (Lisboa, P)
09:45–10:45 Cranial nerves pathology J. W. Casselman (Brugge, BE)
10:45‐11:10 Coffee Break
11:10‐12:10 Skull base anatomy and pathology A. Borges (Lisboa, P)
12:10‐13:10 Lunch
13:10‐14:00 MRI of the globe and orbit T. Ferreira (Leiden, NL)
14:00‐14:45 Workshops 1‐3
WS 1 Cranial nerves: J. W. Casselman, M. Lemort
WS 2 Skull base: A. Borges, D. Farina
WS 3 Globe and orbit: T. Ferreira, N. Freling
14:45‐15:00 Coffee Break
15:00‐15:45 Workshops 1‐3:
15:45‐16:30 Workshops 1‐3:
16:30‐17:00 Pediatric MRI of the head and neck J. W. Casselman (Brugge, BE)
17:00 Welcome reception

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
09:00‐09:30 MRI of the H&N: Basic technical requirements J. W. Casselman (Brugge, BE)
09:30‐10:00 MR anatomy of the nasopharynx and deep spaces of the SHN M. Lemort (Brussels, BE)
10:00‐10:45 Nasopharynx and related deep spaces: Pathology J. W. Casselman (Brugge, BE)
10:45‐11:00 Coffee Break
11:00‐11:45 Multimodality imaging of Nose and PNS anatomy and inflammation D. Farina (Brescia, I)
11:45‐12:15 Multimodality imaging of nasal cavity and PNS tumours T. Beale(London, Uk)
12:15‐13:30 Lunch

13:30‐14:15 MRI of the salivary glands N. Freling (Amsterdam, NL)
14:15‐15:00 Workshops 4‐6
WS 4 Nasopharynx: J.W.Casselman, M. Lemort
WS 5 Nose and PNS path.: T. Beale, D.Farina
WS 6 Salivary glands: N. Freling, A. Borges
15:00‐15:30 Coffee Break
15:30‐16:15 Workshops 4‐6
16:15‐17:00 Workshops 4‐6
17:00‐17:30 MRI of the TMJ and jaws S. Robinson (Vienna, AT)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
09:00‐09:30 Oral cavity and oropharynx anatomy I. Nöbauer‐Huhmann (Vienna, AT)
09:30‐10:15 Oral cavity and oropharynx pathology S. Golding, Oxford, Uk)
10:15‐10:45 MRI of the thyroid and parathyroids H. Imhof (Vienna, AT)
10:45‐11:00 Coffee break
11:00‐11:30 Larynx and hypopharynx anatomy A. Trojanowska (Lublin, PL)
11:30‐12:15 Larynx and hypopharynx pathology D. Farina (Brescia, I)
12:15‐13:30 Lunch
13:30‐14:15 Ultrasound and MRI of the brachial plexus G. Bodner (Vienna, AT)
14:15‐15:00 Workshops 7‐9
WS 7 Oral cavity : S. Golding, I. Nöbauer
WS 8 Larynx: D. Farina, A. Trojanowska
WS 9 Branchial plexus: G. Bodner, G. Riegler
15:00‐15:30 Coffee Break
15:30‐16:15 Workshops 7‐9
16:15‐17:00 Workshops 7‐9
17:00‐17:30 Multimodality imaging of lymph node assessment in the H&N R. Maroldi (Brescia, IT)
19:30 Social Dinner


Thursday, February 16, 2017
09:00‐09:45 MRI of the inner ear B. Schuknecht (Zurich, CH)
09:45‐10:30 MRI of the petrous apex and facial nerve B. Ozgen (Ankara, TR)
10:30‐10:45 Coffee Break
10:45‐11:30 CT and MRI of the middle ear and EAC B.de Foer (Antwerp, NL)
11:30‐12:15 Post‐treatment changes R. Maroldi (Brescia, I)
12:15‐13:30 Lunch
13:30‐14:15 Dental imaging A. Gahleitner (Vienna, AT)
14:15‐15:00 Workshops 10‐12
WS 10 Inner ear: Chr. Czerny, B. Schuknecht
WS 11 Petrous apex: B. Ozgen, M. Mack
WS 12 Middle ear: B. de Foer, A. Trojanowska
15:00‐15:30 Coffee Break
15:30‐16:15 Workshops 10‐12
16:15‐17:00 Workshops 10‐12
17:00‐17:45 CTA and MRA of the H&N M. Mack (Munich, DE)

Friday, February 17, 2017
09:00‐09:45 Multimodality imaging of the soft tissuesof the infra-hyoid neck R. Maroldi (Brescia, IT)
09:45‐10:30 Examination
10:30‐10:45 Coffee Break
10:45‐11:15 PET‐CT and PET‐MR in H&N tumors J. Frühwald‐Pallamar (Vienna, A)
11:15‐12:00 Answers of Examination and Presentation of
Certificates Chr. Czerny, H. Imhof (Vienna)


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