MRI of the Joints(from finger to toe)


Krakow (PO), 21-25 April 2019

General Information

The course language is English
M. Shahabpour (Brussels), H. Bloem (Leiden), H. Imhof (Vienna), A.M. Davies (Birmingham)



Preliminary Faculty
J.L. Bloem (Leiden)
G. Bodner (Vienna)
M. de Jonge (Amsterdam)
J.L. Drape (Paris)
Chr. Glaser (Munich)
L. Hirtler (Vienna)
H. Imhof (Vienna)
F. Kainberger (Vienna)
A. Karantanas (Heraklion)
G. Kasprian (Vienna)
J. Kramer (Linz)
E. Llopis (Valencia)
I.-M. Nöbauer-Huhmann
P. Omoumi (Lausanne)
M. Padron (Madrid)
J. Patsch (Vienna)
V. Pullicino (Oswestry)
E. Schmaranzer (Vienna)
A. Stäbler (Munich)
M. Shahabpour (Brussels)
J. Teh (Oxford)


Preliminary program
Knee – Menisci (anatomy, variants, injuries & postop.)
Knee – Ligaments & Posterior corner
Knee – cruciate ligaments
Knee - Cartilage and osteoarthritis
Optimizing protocols at 1,5 Tesla
Dysplasia and deviations
Shoulder - Rotator cuff, AC joint, function (anatomy, pathology)
Shoulder - Rotator interval & biceps tendon
Shoulder - Labrum, instability, variants
Postoperative shoulder
The elbow
Joints - Peripheral arthritis
Spine – atlanto-axial joint
Wrist (anatomy & Pathology TFCC & Ligament
Wrist – Overuse syndromes
Hand & fingers
Hip: Intraarticular Disorders (Impingement, OA)
Hip: Extraarticular Disorders, Overuse
Postoperative hip
AVN and lookalikes
Ankle: Tendon anatomy & pathology
Ankle: Ligament anatomy & pathology
Ankle: Impingement syndromes(osteoch. lesions)
Foot: metatarsal and toes
Neurography of the upper limb
Neurography of the lower limb
Anatomy Quiz
Spine – facet joints
Postoperative Spine
Pediatric joint
High-field MRI, PET-MRI and new horizons
Interactive sessions