Musculoskeletal MRI with focus on Joints

Zagreb (HR), : 17-21 April 2023

General Information

I. Boric (HR),
Maryam Shahabpour (BE)

M. Shahabpour (Brussels), H. Bloem (Leiden), H. Imhof (Vienna), A.M. Davies (Birmingham)


Hilton Garden Inn Zagreb
Radnička cesta 21
10000, Zagreb, Croatia.

Radnička cesta 21, 10000 Zagreb – 3 min by walk from Zagreb Bus Station (Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb)
Hilton Garden Inn Zagreb is easy to access by Zagreb airport by bus.

€ 800,- / 900,- for early / late registration (before / after January 31st, 2023)
Residents (upon proof of status): € 700,- / 800,- for early / late registration
Eastern European Countries: € 700,- / 800,- for early / late registration 
Eastern European Countries residents: € 500,- / 600,- for early / late registration

Krsnjavog 25, Zagreb, Croatia


In case of cancellation or postponement by the organizing committee due to exceptional circumstances (e.g. COVID-19 outbreak,...)
1.    Participants will have the choice either to be refunded or to transfer their registration fee for the same module to be held later.
2.    In case of cancellation, the organizer could envisage to organize a virtual meeting alternative.

The course will be organized as an « in-person » event only


The course has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) for a maximum of 30 European CME credits (ECMEC®s).

The course language is English



Preliminary faculty:

C. Glaser, Munich (DE)
M. Zanetti, Zurich (CH)
C. Pfirrmann, Zurich
R. Sutter, Zurich
E. McNally, Oxford (UK)
P. Robinson, Leeds
A. Parkar, Bergen (NO)
A. Grainger, Cambridge
V. Vasilevska, Skopje (MK)
E. Llopis, Valencia (ES)
M. Shahabpour, Brussels (BE)
I. Boric, Zagreb (CRO)


Preliminary programme


08:00-08:45         Registration, Morning Coffee
08:45-09:00         Welcome/Introduction Shahabpour, Boric
09:00-09:30         Knee – ligaments – central, collateral and corners
09:30-10:00         Knee – menisci and pitfalls
10:00-10:30         Knee – cartilage (C. Glaser, Munich)
10:30-11:00         Coffee
11:00-11:20         Knee – extensor mechanism and lower limb alignment
11:20-11:35         Knee – BMEP as a guide through the injured knee (C. Glaser, Munich)
11:35-12:00         Knee – stress fracture, SONK, Ahlbäck, BME-syndrome: alphabet soup
12:00-12:30         Knee – postoperative
12:30-13:20         Lunch  
13:20-15:35         Interactive sessions knee (5 groups: Glaser, Heuck, Van Dyck, Huysse, Vanhoenacker)
15:35-15:55         Coffee
15.55-17:25         Interactive sessions knee (5 groups)
17:25-17:55         Benign intra- and periarticular tumors and tumor mimickers

18:00-19:00         Welcome reception

08:30-09:00         Strategies to optimize routine imaging protocols (C. Glaser, Munich)

09:00-09:20         Shoulder – anatomy and variants
09:20-10:00         Shoulder – impingement: extrinsic and intrinsic
10:00-10:40         Shoulder – rotator interval and biceps (A. Grainger, Cambridge)
10:40-11:10         Coffee
11:10-11:30         Shoulder – instability
11:30-12:00         Shoulder –Capsulitis, degenerative arthropathy
12:00-12:30         Shoulder – Nerve compression syndromes
12:30-13:20         Lunch
13:20-15:35         Interactive sessions shoulder (5 groups)
15:35-15:55         Coffee
15.55-17:25         Interactive sessions shoulder (5 groups)
17:30-18:00         Shoulder – postoperative shoulder: clinical problems and strategies to handle artifacts (A. Grainger, Cambridge)

08:30-09:10         Thumb – CMC and MCP joints
09:10-09:40         The other fingers – joints, tendons and pulleys: what matters
09:40-10:10         Wrist – ligaments incl. postoperative (M. Shahabpour, Brussels)
10.10-10:30          TFCC incl. postoperative (E. Llopis, Valencia)
10:30-11:00         Coffee
11:00-11:30         Elbow – Imaging of tennis and golfers (E. McNally, Oxford)
11:30-12:00         Elbow – Other conditions around the elbow (E. McNally, Oxford)
12:00-12:30         Muscle injuries (P. Robinson, Leeds)
12:30-13:20         Lunch
13:20-15:35         Interactive sessions hand/wrist & elbow, muscles (5 groups)
15.35-15:55         Coffee  
15.55-17:25         Interactive sessions hand/wrist & elbow, muscles (5 groups)
19:00-22:00         Social activity and dinner

09:00-09:30         Groin (P. Robinson, Leeds)
09:30-10.00         Pediatric hip joint
10:00-10:30         Fore- and midfoot joints & nerves
10:30-11:00         Coffee
11:00-11:30         Ankle and Lisfranc Joints – acute injury: ligaments and beyond (M. Shahabpour, Brussels)
11:30-12:00         Ankle – acute to chronic: osteochondral lesions, impingement and hindfoot instability (M. Shahabpour, Brussels)
12:00-12:30         Heel, tendons and arches
12:30-13:20         Lunch
13:20-13:40        Understanding techniques to reduce metal artifacts in MRI
13:40-15:55         Interactive sessions foot/ankle & hip/pelvis (5 groups)
15:55-16:15         Coffee
16:15- 17:45        Interactive sessions foot/ankle & hip/pelvis (5 groups)


08:30-08:50         Hip - Bone marrow edema
08:50-09:20         Hip - intraarticular lesions and variants
09:20-09:50         Spondylarthropathy and hip inflammation: what is new?
09:50-10:20         Foot – arthropathy and infection
10:20-10:50         Test (Shahabpour, Boric)
10:50-11:30         Coffee /Brunch, lunch box
11:30-12:00         Special Focus: Gd and alternatives in MSK imaging
12:00-12:40         Test answers presentation (Boric, Shahabpour)
12:40-13:00         Certificates and farewell


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