Abdominal and Urogenital MRI

Brussels (BE), summer 2021

General Information

The coronavirus spreads further, also in Belgium. The number of people who test positive for the Covid-19 virus is still high. We wish to deal with the situation in a responsible manner. We strive to limit risks for as well domestic and foreign participants of our course.
Following the decisions taken by the National Security Council in Belgium, we have decided to postpone the ERASMUS Abdominal and urogenital course to a later date. That way we do not take any risks with regard to the further spread of the virus. This means that we will move the course to June or September 2021.
We understand that you have been very much looking forward to this course, but also dare to count on your understanding in this unusual context. We will keep you informed as soon as we have chosen a definite date.
People who have already registered for the 2020 course will of course have priority to register on the new date.

Frederik Vandenbroucke, MD, PhD

The course language is English

Walter Rijsselaere
Department of Radiology
UZ Brussel
Laarbeeklaan 101
1090 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32(0)24775322

1. To effectively select patients who will benefit from MR more than other diagnostic modalities.
2. To tailor the MR protocols according to the clinical indication.
3. To analyze clinical MR studies, recognizing normal anatomy and variants, and give a short list of differential diagnoses.

No printed syllabus will be available, all learning material will be available online.

Odisee Hogeschool
Warmoesberg 35
1000 Brussels Belgium
Room 6306

Certified radiologists: .......................... 950 €
Residents (with certification) ..................700 €
Fee includes course participation, syllabus, coffee-breaks, lunches, reception and course dinner.

Account: BE72 7310 3701 9316 - BIC:KREDBEBB


M. Antic, Brussels, BE
G. Brancatelli, Palermo, IT
P. De Visschere, Ghent, BE
E. Dresen, Leuven, BE
N. Hottat, Brussels, BE
K. Mortelé, Boston, USA
B. Op de Beeck, Antwerp, BE
E. Quaia, Padova, IT
M. Ronot, Paris, FR
D. Vanbeckevoort, Leuven, BE
T. Vancauwenberghe, Sint-Niklaas, BE
F. Vandenbroucke, Brussels, BE



8.50- 9.00:                  Introduction: F. Vandenbroucke
9.00-9.50:                   DWI in abdominal MRI: E. Dresen
9.50-10.40:                 Liver metastases and benign pitfalls: F. Vandenbroucke
10.40-11.00:               Coffee Break
11.00-11.50:               Focal liver lesions in cirrhosis: G. Brancatelli
11.50-12.40:               Diffuse liver disease: M. Ronot
12.40-13.20:               Lunch Break
13.00-14.10:               Vascular liver disorders: M. Ronot
14.10-15.00:               Hepatobiliary contrast agents: G. Brancatelli
15.00–17.00:               Workshops: Elleke Dresen - G. Brancatelli 
                                    F. Vandenbroucke - M. Ronot



9.00-9.50:                    MRI of the gallbladder and the biliary system: B. Op de Beeck
9.50-10.40:                  Pancreatitis: E. Quaia
10.40-11.00:                Coffee Break
11.00-11.50:                Solid pancreas lesions: K. Mortele
11.50-12.40:                Cystic pancreas lesions: K. Mortele
12.40-13.20:                Lunch Break
13.20-14.10:                Renal Masses: tba
14.10-15.00:                Adrenal masses: B. op de Beeck
15.00–17.00:               Workshops: E. Quaia - K. Mortele 
                                    B. Op de Beeck - tba


9.00-9.50:                    Perianal fistula and evaluation pelvic floor: D. Vanbeckevoort
9.50-10.40:                 MR anal / rectal cancer: K. Mortele
10.40-11.00:                Coffee Break
11.00-11.50:                MR Enterography: D. Vanbeckevoort
11.50-12.40:                Spleen and retroperitoneum: T. Vancauwenberghe
12.40-13.20:                Lunch Break
13.20-14.10:                Uterus: P. De Visschere
14.10-15.00:                Prostate: P. De Visschere
15.00–17.00:               Workshops: D. Vanbeckevoort - K. Mortele
                                    T. Vancauwenberghe - Pieter De Visschere

9.00-9.50:                    MRI adnexal masses: Nathalie Hottat
9.50-10.40:                  Endometriosis: Marijana Antic
10.40-11.20:                Examination
11.20-11.50:                Coffee Break              
11.50-12.00:                Closing remarks and farewell
                                    F. Vandenbroucke