Musculoskeletal MRI Joints (from finger to toe)

Mechelen (BE), 19-23 April 2021

General Information

Filip Vanhoenacker (BE),
Maryam Shahabpour (BE)

M. Shahabpour (Brussels), H. Bloem (Leiden), H. Imhof (Vienna), A.M. Davies (Birmingham)


AZ Sint-Maarten, Mechelen
Liersesteenweg 435

2800 Mechelen

How to get there - Liersesteenweg 435, 2800 Mechelen - for congress center: follow "route 130, congrescentrum"
Mechelen is easy to access by Brussels national airport by train.

€ 850,- / 900,- for early / late registration (before / after July 31st, 2020)
Residents (upon proof of status): € 650,- / 700,- for early / late registration
Bank Account: IBAN: BE79 4042 0796 6133  BIC:   KREDBEBB  
The course language is English



C. Glaser, Munich
E. McNally, Oxford
A. Cotten, Lille
P. Robinson, Leeds
C. Glaser, Munich
K. Wörtler, Munich
E Llopis, Valencia
A. Heuck, Munich
A .Karantanas, Iraklion
C. Schaeffeler, Chur
S. Waldt, Essen
M. Shahabpour, Brussels
F.Vanhoenacker, Mechelen/Antwerp/ Ghent
K. Verstraete, Ghent
B. Vande Berg, Brussels
P. Van Dyck, Antwerp
L. Jans, Ghent
M. Mespreuve, Mechelen/Ghent
E. De Smet, Antwerp
T. Hulstaert, Brussels
J. De Hem, Ieper
S. Döring, Brussels
N. Herregods, Ghent
W. Huysse, Ghent


Monday  190421            
08:00-08:45         Registration, Morning Coffee
08:45-09:00         Welcome/Introduction Shahabpour, Vanhoenacker
09:00-09:30         Knee – ligaments – central, collateral and corners (Van Dyck P, Antwerp)
09:30-10:00         Knee – menisci and pitfalls (F.Vanhoenacker, Mechelen/Antwerp/ Ghent)
10:00-10:30         Knee – cartilage C. Glaser
10:30-11:00         Coffee
11:00-11:20         Knee – extensor mechanism and lower limb alignment (A. Heuck, Munich)
11:20-11:35         Knee – BMEP as a guide through the injured knee (C. Glaser, Munich)
11:35-12:00         Knee – stress fracture, SONK, Ahlbäck, BME-syndrome: alphabet soup (A. Heuck, Munich)
12:00-12:30         Knee – postoperative (W. Huysse, Ghent)
12:30-13:20         Lunch  
13:20-15:30         Interactive sessions knee (5 groups: Glaser, Heuck, Van Dyck, Huysse, Vanhoenacker)
15:30-16:00         Coffee
16:00-17:20         Interactive sessions knee (5 groups)
17:20-17:55         Benign intra-and periarticular tumors and tumor mimickers (W. Huysse, Ghent)

18:00-19:00         Welcome reception

Tuesday 200421
08:30-09:00         Strategies to optimize routine imaging protocols (C. Glaser, Munich)

09:00-09:20         Shoulder – anatomy and variants (TBA)
09:20-10:00         Shoulder – impingement: extrinsic and intrinsic (S. Waldt, Essen)
10:00-10:40         Shoulder – rotator interval and biceps (K. Wörtler, Munich)
10:40-11:10         Coffee
11:10-11:30         Shoulder – instability (S. Waldt, Essen)
11:30-12:00         Shoulder –Capsulitis, degenerative arthropathy (C.Schäffeler,Chur)
12:00-12:30         Shoulder – Nerve compression syndromes (C.Schäffeler,Chur)
12:30-13:20         Lunch
13:20-15:35         Interactive sessions shoulder (5 groups: Wörtler, Waldt, Döring, Vanhoenacker, Schäffeler)
15:35-16:00         Coffee
16:00-17:20         Interactive sessions shoulder (5 groups: Wörtler, Waldt,, Döring, Vanhoenacker, Schäffeler)

17:30-18:00         Shoulder – postoperative shoulder: clinical problems and strategies to handle artifacts (K.Wörtler. Munich)

Wednesday 210421                                
08:30-09:10         Thumb – CMC and MCP joints (S.Döring, Brussels)
09:10-09:40         The other fingers – joints, tendons and pulleys: what matters (S.Döring, Brussels)
09:40-10:30         Wrist – ligaments and TFCC incl. postoperative (M. Shahabpour, Brussels)
10:30-11:00         Coffee
11:00-11:30         Elbow – trauma: patterns of injury (E. McNally, Oxford)
11:30-12:00         Elbow – pain without acute injury: tendons and more (E. McNally, Oxford)
12:00-12:30         Gd and alternatives in MSK radiology – what we need to know? (K. Verstraete Ghent)

12:30-13:20         Lunch
13:20-15:35         Interactive sessions hand/wrist & elbow, joints tumors & tumor-like (5 groups: Döring Shahabpour, Verstraete, McNally, Mespreuve)
15:35-16:00         Coffee  
16:00-17:25         Interactive sessions hand/wrist & elbow, tumors (5 groups)

19:00-22:00         Social activity and dinner

Thursday 220421                                   
08:30-09:00         Pediatric joint (N. Herregods, Ghent)
09:00-09:30         Foot – trauma, big toe, anatomy and imaging strategies (T. Hulstaert, Brussels/Aalst)
09:30-10:00         Foot – Nerves: going beyond Morton and Joplin (Anne Cotten, TBC)
10:00-10:30         Foot – arthropathy and infection (Anne Cotten,TBC)
10:30-11:00         Coffee
11:00-11:30         Ankle and Lisfranc Joints – acute injury: ligaments and beyond (M. Shahabpour, Brussels)
11:30-12:00         Ankle – acute to chronic: osteochondral lesions, impingement and hindfoot instability (M. Shahabpour, Brussels)
12:00-12:30         Heel, tendons and arches (E Llopis. Spain)

12:30-13:20         Lunch
13:20-13:40        Understanding techniques to reduce metal artifacts in MRI (J. De Hem, Ieper)
13:45-15:50         Interactive sessions foot/ankle & hip/pelvis (5 groups: Llopis, De Hem, Zanetti, Karantanas,  Robinson)
15:50-16:15         Coffee
16:15- 17:45        Interactive sessions foot/ankle & hip/pelvis (5 groups)

Friday 230421    
08:30-09:05         Hip – extraarticular disorders and groin (P. Robinson, Leeds)
09:05-09:40         Hip – intraarticular lesions  and variants (B. Vande berg, Brussels)
09:40-10:00         Hip- Bone marrow edema (Apostolos Karantanas, Greece)
10:00-10:30         Below the pelvis: muscle injuries (P. Robinson, Leeds)
10:30-11:00         Spondylarthropathy and hip inflammation: what is new?  (L. Jans, Ghent)
11:00-11:30         Coffee /Brunch, lunch box
11:30-12:00         Test  (F.Vanhoenacker, Mechelen, Antwerp, Ghent)
12:00-12:40         Test answer presentation (Vanhoenacker, Shahabpour)
12:40-13:00         Certificates and farewell


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